AirFit sprays provide a strong anti pathogen barrier, normalize the microflora of respiratory organs and boosts immunity.

AirFit spray phytoncides reduce the number of pathogens in air by 95% in 15 minutes.

Protection against bacteria and viruses in the air!

Disinfection using AirFit spray has a triple action:

Providing revitalizing effects on ENT organs, enhancing production of interferon and strengthening immunity.
Preventing cross-infections in communities, reducing carriage of infections.
Reducing the number of germs by 95% in 15 minutes and providing prolonged antibacterial effect

Types of Airfit sprays

Delicate protection against bacterial infections and viruses. It is recommended for infants, expectant and nursing mothers.
Cedar and Fir
Optimal protection for all family members. Recommended when using air-conditioning and humidifying systems.
Cedar, fir and calamus
Maximum protection for those, who visit public places often, work with people or are in a health risk group.

Spray consists of natural bio-components.

In 2007, the LATTA Science Laboratory set itself the ambitious goal of creating an effective yet safe to use means to disinfect air.
After long searches, studies and tests with a variety of substances, scientists began experimenting with phytoncides. These are plant-based substances that have antimicrobial properties.Phytoncides became the basis of the new product.

The LATTA Laboratory has developed technologies for the production of biocomponents without heavy and potentially unsafe fractions. The key challenge of the technology is associated with a high degree of purification of biological raw materials, which allows the elimination of heavy concomitant fractions and allergens and the isolation of biologically active components in a high concentration. These components are able to suppress viruses, bacterias and infection of various origins.
Biocomponents in the composition of AirFit sprays can not be called essential oil in our usual understanding. The words "essential oils" are used on the package, indicating the general category of substances to which they belong.

Particularly pure active bio-components of AirFit spray are produced using unique natural catalyst enrichment technology. Therefore AirFit spray is hypoallergenic, it can be applied to the skin, it does not cause irritation and leaves no traces on the clothes.

AirFit sprays have undergone appropriate clinical studies and confirmed their safety and effectiveness without side effects on the human body. First of all - this property is focused on patients with certain drug restrictions: pregnant and lactating women, often sick children, people with reduced immunity and chronic diseases of the ENT-organs.

All types of sprays can be used from birth (category 0+)
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Sprays are available in three sizes

AirFit spray benefits

All sprays have successfully passed clinical approbation. The product is absolutely safe to use for any human, including nursing mothers and infants.
The spray can be applied directly to skin. Does not leave marks on the clothing.
Can be used in the presence of a person, available in the form of spray and aerosol.
Reducing the number of germs by 95% in 15 minutes after the spraying.
By Rospoterbnadzor to protect from influenza, SARS and coronavirus.
All products are made from cedar, fir and calamus bio plant-originated components.

AirFit dispensers for automatic air disinfection

AirFit Spray Manufacturer - LATTA Laboratory invites distributors, pharmacies and internet stores to Cooperate.

AirFit sprays are a unique offer for your customers in the trend of time, a comprehensive solution in protection against viruses and bacteria.

The LATTA laboratory supports its partners with the necessary information materials, advertising products and trains employees to work with the product.

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AirFit is not a medical commodity, it does not replace medicine and other means of treatment. This product is not a biologically active additive.
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