Patented natural AirFit aerosol
Inhalation of coniferous and medical plants phytoncides
Respiratory gymnastics to enhance the effect
Recommended amount: 10 procedures of 35 minutes each

Prophylactic sanatorium procedure

About procedure
"AirFit AeroRoom" — is a medical-prophylactic procedure, aimed at activating the protective functions of immunity, prevention of viral respiratory diseases, rehabilitation after influenza and coronavirus infections, restoration of respiratory functions, normalization of cardio-respiratory function vascular and central nervous system of the body.

The procedure is based on inhalation of natural phytoncides of conifers and medicinal herbs sprayed with special equipment. To enhance the healing effect, a complex of therapeutic respiratory gymnastics is performed during the procedure.

Session duration - 35 minutes.

The recommended course in a sanatorium or a curative-preventive institution is 10 procedures.

Benefits of the procedure

AirFit sprays used for the procedure are natural and include active biocomponents of cedar, fir and calamus.
The methodology of the procedure was approved by the Russian Federation Rospotrebnadzor for the prevention of infectious respiratory diseases.
The effectiveness of AirFit spray in carrying out immuno-preventive measures is clinically proven.
The procedure has no contraindications and no age restrictions. It is safe for pregnant and lactating women, children from birth and people with allergic reactions.
Up to 14 people can apply the procedure simultaneously without the risk of cross-infection with pathogens.
The procedure is accompanied by respiratory gymnastics from a yoga therapist, the performance of which contributes to the strengthening of the healing effect of the procedure.
The procedure is performed using the patented AirFit drug. The procedure was developed with the participation of FBUN SSC Microbiology and Rospotrebnadzor RF on the basis of positive results of clinical studies of the action of the active components of the spray on the human immune system and proven target efficiency in suppressing bacteria and viruses in air and ENT organs.

Aeroroom AirFit

Indications, advantages and methodology

Sanatoriums where the procedure is available

"CDS Magistral"
Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk Krai

In the sanatorium «Magistral» you can always choose the type of room according to the comfort of accommodation, tasty and healthy food in a varied menu and get an individual treatment or recovery plan from experienced doctors.
CVKS "Arkhangelskoe" MO RF
p. Arkhangelskoe, Krasnogorsk district, Moscow region

The central military clinical sanatorium "Arkhangelkoe" is one of the oldest health resorts in Russia. The sanatorium is located on the territory of the noble estate "Arkhangelsk".

Open AirFit AeroRoom in your sanatorium

We provide fast start of services in the institution on a turn-key basis.

If you want to open an AirFit AeroRoom in a sanatorium or health care center, the staff of NPO LATTA will help you.
On your side you need a treatment room suitable for the requirements of the area and height of the ceilings. comfortable chairs and TV panel.

LATTA Laboratori provides:

A set of basic texts describing the procedure for your social media and website so you can quickly launch the service.
Set of layouts of advertising and informational materials: booklet, templates for social media, posters. You will only have to add your logo!
Text and video instructions for the personnel to carry out the procedure.
As well as support and advice on the initial period of operation!
A set of videos to accompany the procedure.
2 AirFit dispensers and a starter kit of 3 spray cans to each dispenser
In the future, you will be able to purchase replacement AirFit aerosol cans from the manufacturer of NPO "LATTA" at a wholesale price. Your employees will be able to take regular training on working with the AeroRoom.

to open your
"AirFit AeroRoom"?

Call the sales department or leave your contacts. Our manager will contact you to clarify the details and prepare a personal sales offer.

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AirFit is not a medical commodity, it does not replace medicine and other means of treatment. This product is not a biologically active additive.
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